Bludworth Original Cues and Cuemaking Equipment

Bludworth Original Cues and Cuemaking Equipment

Bludworth Original Cues and Cuemaking Equipment

Bludworth Original Cues and Cuemaking EquipmentBlud is Back! I've just built a new shop out back. I'm back building and reparing cues, because of the high demand for my cues and workmanship. I will be building CNC Machines, Plane Janes, Sneaky Pete's, and shafts for any American made cues. I'll also be teaching cue making.

I am happy to announce that I have partnered with a great family in Pennsylvania to take over the manufacturing and sales of the Original Bludworth Ball Cleaner. Russ and Michelle own a pool room and understand the importance of having the industry's best and most dependable ball cleaner in their room to keep a beautiful shine on the balls. They have created a new website so you can order the ball cleaner, polish and replacement pads directly on line at

Leonard Bludworth of Bludworth Originals offers a premier selection of custom built Cue Making Machinery to help you succeed in the cue making industry.

Bludworth Original Cues and Cuemaking EquipmentAWARDS


Bludworth Original Cues and Cuemaking EquipmentTALENT

At one time, I had 17 major players playing with my cues, never paid an endorsement, they played with my cues because they like what I built. To name a few, Buddy Hall, Grady Mathews, Wade Crane, Mary Kenninston, Belinda Beardon, CJ Whiley, Jimmy Matya, Baltimore Buddy Dennis, and many more.

Bludworth Original Cues and Cuemaking EquipmentI have also written for several of the top mag's around the world, for several years.

I have been featured in many magazines world wide, for his talent in cue making and his efforts and contributions to our game, and for continuing to be one of the top hands, at my craft.

Building machines, teaching cue making, traveling around the world helping players of all levels, gives me a great deal of satisfaction.

I was also the Equipment coordinator for the Men's Pro Tour and Mr. Steve Misark's senior tour, for many years. I not only designed the room lay out in hotel ball rooms where they played, I also was the official repairman for both tours for many years.